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Some Problems That Plague Bengaluru:

BNP can provide knowledge-based solutions

Bengaluru city is one of the fastest growing cities, not just of India, but of the world. It offers top quality education, manifold  job opportunities, a business-friendly environment for start-up companies,   a pan-Indian diaspora, multicultural activities, rich history and culture and so much more. It also has one of the best climates in the world and is known for its greenery and lakes.

Due to all these factors, Bengaluru has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past 4 decades.

However, the city administration has failed to keep up with Bengaluru’s rapid growth due to faulty urban planning, lack of  long-term vision or clear objectives, administrative inefficiency, uneven fund allocation and sub-optimal resource utilization.

This has resulted in unplanned and unscientific urban growth  giving rise to the myriad problems that currently plague the city.

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