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Welcome to Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party’s (BNP) Save Water Campaign!

Bengaluru’s water crisis is not just limited for this year but is going to be a long-term problem unless we take firm action quickly. Join us in our mission to conserve water and secure a sustainable future for our city.

Campaign Overview:

BNP Save Water Campaign aims to inspire individuals to reduce their water usage through simple yet impactful actions.Taking bath with less than half a bucket of water and fixing aerators in all your taps are two significant ways by which each household can save thousands of liters of water every month.

How to Participate:

Take the #BNPHalfBucketChallenge: Commit to reducing your bathwater usage to less than half a bucket of water every single day and make it a habit.  

Spread Awareness: Share your commitment on social media using #BNPHalfBucketChallenge. Encourage others to join and make a difference!

Educate Others: Learn and share tips for conserving water at home. Together, we can create a culture of sustainable living.

Volunteer Registration:

Are you passionate about water conservation? Join us as a volunteer and help spread the message of responsible water usage. Fill out the form below to get started:

BNP Water Conservation Pledge – Register as a volunteer

Take the Pledge:

I pledge to conserve water by limiting my bathwater usage to less than half a bucket of water every day and will make it a daily habit. I understand the importance of responsible water consumption and commit to making a positive impact on Bengaluru’s water future.

BNP Water Conservation Pledge – Come take a pledge along with BNP

Share Your Commitment:

Once you’ve taken the pledge, share it on social media to inspire others! Use the hashtag #BNPHalfBucketChallenge and tag us @NammaBNP.