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BNP's unique 25-Point Ward Manifesto

Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP) promises to deliver good grassroots governance at the ward level, through Citizen Participation, Accountability and Transparency, by implementing 25-Point Ward Manifesto. Read here.


The Manifesto of a political party is usually nothing but a bunch of empty promises to citizens (rarely based on proper research and analysis). which are quickly forgotten once the party comes into power.

Bengaluru Navanirmana Party however, takes its Manifesto very seriously and regards it as a continuously evolving  concrete plan of action based on what Bengaluru City and its citizens really need, through detailed research and analysis on the ground.


Manifesto At A Glance

For a comprehensive and in-depth look at BNP’s Manifesto click Here

We Welcome Your Suggestions!

Given that BNP is a party of, by and for the citizens of Bengaluru, we believe that there needs to be a constant dialogue between BNP and our biggest stakeholders, i.e., YOU, the Citizen of Bengaluru!

We invite you to participate in this dialogue by contributing suggestions and ideas towards building a manifesto that you would deem relevant for your Ward or for Bengaluru. Please fill the form below and tell us your suggestions, we are listening!


Your Suggestions/Comments