BNP Gruha Karya Mitra

BNP Gruha Karya Mitra – A Brief Overview BNP launched the Gruha Karya Mitra campaign in July 2021, for the purpose of helping and enabling domestic workers of Bengaluru to avail of the Covid 19 Relief scheme, announced by the Government of Karnataka. With the help of a volunteer team created for the purpose, BNP reached out READ MORE

Should Domestic Help In Apartments Be Allowed During Lockdown?

The issue of whether domestic help (house helpers, cooks, drivers etc.) be allowed to continue working in flats during the lockdown has become quite a contentious subject over the last few days. Lot of apartment residents are complaining that it is putting them to a lot of inconvenience. Some people have even approached the police READ MORE

The BBMP budget 2021 – more misses than hits

This is our critical analysis of the BBMP Budget which has been announced by the BBMP Administrator Mr. Gaurav Gupta today (27th March). The analysis of the budget is not only from the perspective of what has been announced but also from the perspective of what should have been announced but has not been done READ MORE