When will our pleadings and voices be heard?

Despite repeated complaints by residents, roads in K Narayanapura from Hennur Bagalur Main Road till Hanumantha Gowda Circle are in a pitiable and bad condition. The roads in K Narayanpura (Horamavu ward) starting from Hennur Bagalur Main Road till Hanumantha Gowda Circle (Cauvery Bakery junction) have been dug for over 3 years now and are in READ MORE

Organize BNP Kevalla Mathavalla Campaign in your ward

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Rental Housing market for the poor

Many migrant workers reside in the private lands provided by employers in temporary dwellings adjacent or within their worksites (mostly construction workers). These are first generation migrants who may or may not have intentions of settling down in the long-run. These are the people who were the first to leave as their work sites were READ MORE

BNP Pledge

Caste, Creed, Religion, Gender, Strata, Ethnicity doesn’t matter; Development for everyone will be enshrined in our charter! Animals, trees, lakes, environment – none will be left out; Take care of them we will, without even an iota of doubt! If we, the citizens of Bengaluru can come together and unite; There is absolutely nothing which READ MORE