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The BBMP election are slated to be conducted around August of 2020. As time draws closer, manifestos with generalized and empty promises from political parties would be aplenty. Overtime, this practice by the political parties has made the manifesto an empty document which does not provide any real insight into the style of governance or the priorities of the party when it attains power. This is where BNP would like to crucially differ and provide a manifesto which reflects the pressing needs of Bengaluru, which is practical, implementable and something that the elected representatives of BNP can be held accountable for.

Given that BNP is a party that is of the citizens of Bengaluru, for the citizens of Bengaluru, and by the citizens of Bengaluru, we believe that there needs to be a constant dialogue between BNP and our biggest stakeholders, i.e. YOU!

We invite you to participate in this dialogue by contributing suggestions and ideas towards building a manifesto that you would deem relevant for your Ward or for Bengaluru. Please fill the form below and tell us your suggestions, we are listening!