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Team BNP

Srikanth Narasimhan
  • Over 20 years of corporate experience after graduating from IIMB
  • Founder-Director of Veda, a leading investment bank in South India
  • Co-founded Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF)
  • As General Secretary of BAF, has helped build BAF into a strong group of ~500 apartment complexes representing ~3 lakh citizens
  • Has helped build apartment residents community as one of the most socially responsible communities in the areas of waste / water / energy / wastewater management and community engagement

Brings a wealth of experience in organization building & responsible living

N S Mukunda
  • Serial entrepreneur throughout his life, having never taken up a job
  • Entered civic life in 2000 and was part of Janaagraha community outreach till 2004
  • Co-founded Citizens’ Action Forum (CAF) and was Founding President
  • Taken up issues on inefficiency of property tax collection, Akrama-Sakrama & non-implementation of 74th Amendment to Constitution
  • Passionate about bringing transparency, accountability and citizen participation in governance!

Brings a wealth of experience in workings of BBMP & Property Tax

Prathap Bhimasena Rao
  • Best Cadet of Indian Air Force under National Cadet Corps awarded by then Prime Minister
  • Successful stint with Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot
  • Competitive sportsman and has won state level Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals in shootingManager & Coach for the Paralympic Shooting Team of India for the Paralympic Shooting World Cup held in Bangkok 2017
  • Has fixed thousands of potholes & roads through PotHole Raja, a social venture that he started

Brings a wealth of experience in managing roads & potholes

Srinivasa N A
  • Over 20 years of experience, including as an entrepreneur, after completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Has been part of the leadership team of Whitefield Rising
  • Has been part of the Ward Committee of Hagaduru Ward
  • Has been involved in a lot of tree planting & lake conservation in the Whitefield / Mahadevapura area
  • Passionate about bridging the gap between urban & rural segments of the population

Brings a wealth of experience in tree plantation & community engagement

Prabhakar Rajendran
  • Human Rights & Social Activist working for the rights and entitlements of Dalits for over 30 years
  • Has worked on land / water rights and against forced evictions of slums across Karnataka
  • Working with national networks on urban development & governance
  • Played lead role against corporate land grab in EWS Koramangala
  • Currently working in 10 slums across Bengaluru, in promoting education among children, specifically adolescent girls

Brings a wealth of experience in slum development & slum education

R. Balasubramanian
  • Over 40 years of corporate experience after graduating from IIMA
    • Over 21 years of experience in healthcare sector
    • Executive Director with Apollo Hospital
    • 11 years with Sankara Eye Care serving the needy
  • Ex-President of Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF)
  • Involved in social activities over the last 15 years

Brings a wealth of experience in administering healthcare programmes

Sridhar Ramanujam
  • Communication Consultant, author, columnist, teacher, trainer, cricket enthusiast and a passionate social activist
  • Graduated from IIMB and worked for over 25 years in advertising
  • Founded Brand Comm in 1998, a niche communication company in Bengaluru and now part of Madison World
  • Authored multiple books & won Life Time Achievement award for Communications from Public Relations Council of India
  • Manages Trusts for old age people & for education of girl children

Brings a wealth of experience in advertising & communications

Subbu Hegde
  • Retired from Bosch in 2013 as Vice President after a fulfilling corporate career
  • Started Kaushalya Vikas Kendra (KViK) in 2013, a not-for-profit company for Skill Development for underprivileged people of society
  • Has been actively involved in campaigns to save lakes and other environment related issues
  • Also President of Federation of Villa Community Associations of Bangalore (FOVCAB)

Brings a wealth of experience in skill development to bridge gap

Priya Chetty Rajagopal (Co-opted GC Member)
  • Search Consultant & now civic evangelist
  • On the Boards of TiE Bangalore, Akshara Foundation & Civilia
  • Visible champion of women leadership & gender diversity, and nominated Femina Woman of the Year 2017
  • Serves on the Academic Council of her alma mater, Mount Carmel
  • Co-founder of Citizens For Bengaluru which architected Steel Flyover Beda among other citizen campaigns
  • Committed to #HeritageBeku & Animal Welfare

Brings a wealth of experience in Bengaluru Heritage & Animal Welfare

Dr. Ananth Kodavasal
  • One of the leading experts in Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Completed his Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering in the US in 1978 and returned to India immediately to contribute here
  • His firm has successfully set up, renovated & managed hundreds of Sewage Treatment Plants across Bengaluru
  • Authored the STP Guide, published by KSPCB, which also consults him on various environment related matters

Brings a wealth of experience in waste-water treatment & management

Dr. Hariharan Chandrasekaran
  • Founder of Biodiversity Conservation India Ltd (BCIL), more popularly known as ZED Habitats
  • Created many sustainably developed residential enclaves, which are a benchmark for water, waste, wastewater and energy management
  • Week Magazine chose him in December 2011 as “30 Indian Pearls”
  • Mentored entrepreneurs to take to green businesses since 2000
  • Currently spearheading a Water Energy Nexus program in Bengaluru with the Bengaluru Central University

Brings a wealth of experience in green buildings & sustainable development

Mom Banerjee
  • Performing Artiste in Creative & Classical Dance form
  • Quit corporate career after 15 years to focus on her passion of working with children
  • Started Samridhdhi Trust in August 2010 to work on bridge schools for out-of-school children
  • Has provided education to thousands of out-of-school children in the last 10 years

Brings a wealth of experience in bringing education to out-of-school children

Harini Raghavan
  • 20 years of intense engagement in consulting & search
  • Has spent a lot of time on Animal Birth Control & Animal Welfare
  • Set up an advocacy group called Citizens for Animal Birth Control which works with BBMP to bring in best in class practices and process around BBMP-run Animal Birth Control programme

Brings a wealth of experience in animal birth control & animal welfare

Details of Team will be added soon.