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Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party
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About the Initiative

In the post lockdown era, wearing of masks is considered essential to minimise the spread of COVID-19. With the lockdown easing, an increasing number of people are going back to work. A significant number of these will be the economically vulnerable who are forced to put themselves at risk to earn a living. Many will not have the resources to buy masks for themselves or their families. Bengaluru NavaNirmana Pary (BNP) is stepping in with its Surakshita Bengaluru campaign.

Surakshita Bengaluru is a campaign to provide masks to the economically vulnerable sections of Bengaluru. The first phase of this initiative aims to provide more than 50,000 cotton, reusable masks by involving all willing partners across the city of Bengaluru.

These masks are being procured from women’s groups and tailors in Bengaluru to provide livelihood opportunities .So while on the one hand, we are providing protection to those using the masks, on the other hand, we are providing work for the tailors, out of work women and self help groups.

Sl No Location Ward Ward No No. Of Families No. Of People
1 Kaggadasapura CV Raman Nagar 57 40 120
2 Abbey Reddy Layout Vignana Nagar 81 40 120
3 Geethanjali Nagar Adugodi 147 120 360
4 RachenaHalli Thanisandra 6 200 600
5 Nagaravarapalya CV Raman Nagar 57 200 600
6 Krishnappa Garden New Tippasandra 58 200 600
7 Shashtri Nagar Adugodi 147 750 2,250
8 Samata Nagar Vannarpet 115 850 2,550
9 Ambedkar Nagar Vannarpet 115 1,200 3,600
10 Rajendra Nagar Adugodi 147 1,500 4,500
11 JeevanaHalli Maruthi Seva Nagar 59 - 5,000
12 Murphy Town Hoysala Nagar 80 - 7,000
13 Baiyappanahalli Maruthi Seva Nagar 59 - 7,500
14 L.R Nagar Neelasandra 116 2,650 7,950
15 Bagalur Layout Sagayapuram 60 - 10,320
16 Janakiram Layout Lingarajapura 49 - 15,000

How can you help?

If you know of a community that requires masks and is not listed on this page you can fill in the details here
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Namma BNP Channel

Bengaluru Navanirmana Party is a Political Party of, by & for the citizens of Bengaluru. Focus of BNP lies in good grassroot governance for Bengaluru & BBMP to be administered on the ground.

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Lara @Lara_ux

Every now & then we’re resistant to change & then you give in & try and a new city tool and you love it :)!  @NammaBNP   #collaboration

Carrie Mah @missCarrieMah

I love @NammaBNP - fantastic revamp, and providing #citizens a liveable city :) Thanks for making #bengaluru #bestplace to live!

saketsaurabh @saketsaurabh

@NammaBNP proving to be a well thought out and solidly built team. Never going back, from this place

Jay George @_JayGeorge

The new version of @NammaBNP is really fantastic. My favourite team; especially with its excellent collaboration.

#AskDaveTee @DaveThackeray

Reaching out to Government is effortless with @NammaBNP . I’ve tried all the services and this is the most effective way to get it done.

Robert Egorov @robert_egorov

@NammaBNP thanks for the great support. You are really the best. Amazing. I am 3 years with you already. Nobody compares.  Don’t stop!

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