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BELIEF Knowledge series: Learning to live with Covid: Should online education go viral?
About the session

With covid lockdowns the inevitable movement of education from the physical classroom to online has been accelerated. There are debates sparked all over the country on this new teaching model. Listen to experts in the field Dr Tarak Goradia, Mom Banerjee, Venkata Suresh, Sangeeta Ravi and Dr Giridhar Babu in a panel discussion.



Dr Tarak Goradia Co-Creator of Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum for Delhi Govt. Schools,

Mom Banerjee Founder Samridhdhi Trust & Core group member, BNP,

Sangeeta Ravi, Senior Associate, Janaagraha,

Venkata Suresh Lolla, Head of "The Leads" School, former South india regional representative, AFS school committee

Dr. Giridhar Babu Professor & Head, Public health Foundation India (PHFI) & Technical Advisory Committee Covid19, GOK

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