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Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party
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New Voter ID : FORM 6

Form 6 is required to be filled for registration as a new elector or on shifting from one contituency to another contituency.

Form 6 can be filled online here or on Voter Helpline App.

Overseas Elector : Form 6A

Form 6A is required to be filled for registration in the Electoral Roll as an Overseas elector.

Form 6A can be filled online here or on Voter Helpline App.

Corrections : Form 8

Form 8 is required to be filled for any corrections in your particulars in the electoral roll.

Form 8 can be filled online here or on Voter Helpline App.

Shifting within same constituency : Form 8A

Form 8A is required to be filled to apply for transposition of entry in electoral roll in case of shifting from one place to another place within same constituency.

Form 8A can be filled online here or on Voter Helpline App.

How To Register?



BBMP stands for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. It is the local government of Bangalore city which looks after all civic amenities such as infrastructure (roads, footpaths, drainage), waste management, government schools, public parks, etc. BBMP comprises elected representatives called Corporators one for each of the 198 wards(sections) of the city

BBMP elections are held once in 5 years.

Voting is a powerful tool to usher in positive change. It is an important right of a citizen which he/she should exercise in order to elect worthy representatives in his/her ward. Good grassroots governance at the ward level will impact the lives of all residents of the wards in a very positive manner and make Bangalore a better city too.

The BNP is a party of, by and for the citizens of Bangalore. It comprises of a diverse set of citizens committed to provide good grassroots governance in Bangalore, many of whom have already made significant contributions to important civic issues. Unlike other parties, BNP’s focus is on providing an accountable, transparent and most importantly, an honest government ,with active participation by the citizens of Bangalore. For BNP power is only the means and not the end.

You certainly can. BNP is a Bangalore-centric party and will not compete in either the state or national elections, so your loyalty will not be divided. You can support the BNP at the city level and any other party at the state and national level.

Of course. Every vote counts! The BBMP election candidates win by relatively small margins of between 3000-6000 votes. Unfortunately most residents of a ward are not aware of the elections or don’t know their importance and hence don’t vote at all. If this changes, and most, if not all residents exercise their right to vote, it could pave the way for a positive change not only in their ward, but in the city as a whole. So please do vote in the upcoming BBMP elections!

Simple! You can apply online for it. Please go to and fill up Form 6 (New Voter Id Form). You will be guided by our portal on how to fill it too, if necessary.

  1. AADHAAR Card/Rental Agreement*/Passport/Ration Card/Driving License/Income Tax Assessment Order/BSNL Bill etc.
  2. Notarised Affidavit confirming that the person is not registered anywhere else. (instead of notarised affidavit, Annexure III of form 6 maybe – pls take clarification from your local ARO)
  3. Age Proof (Birth Certificate, School Mark sheet etc.)*

*If rental agreement is in the name of spouse / parent, the person has to be mentioned as “Guardian” in Form 6

Anyone Indian Citizen above 18 on Jan 1, 2018 eligible.

New Voters: Those above 18 but below 21 years

Form 6 - First 2 Pages only

  • Login to
  • Create user id & password.
  • Select form 6 & fill the application online, upload the supporting documents, photo & submit.
  • Make a note of the application number for tracking.

Above 21 yrs -* Form 6, plus Annexure iii to Form 6 one page

  1. Single Proof for age and address - not accepted.
  2. Gas Reciepts instead of connection form (A4 page issued at beginning when gas connection taken) for address proof.
  3. Private bank statements being submitted - only public sectors bank passbook with photogaph and seal for the address proof.
  4. For spouse's if there is no address proof in their name show Adhaar/passport where spouse name is present and show husband's address proof.
  5. No private company telephone and internet bills only BSNl.
  • Enrolment/transfer, etc is a continuous process, you can submit your Forms anytime of the year.
  • Drafts rolls are published during Sept/Oct, for public to respond incase there are any disprepancies.
  • Always check your details once the draft rolls are out, as your Serial and part numbers are likely to change! https://ceokarnataka.kar,
  • Master Rolls is published in january every year.
  • During election year - additional Supplementary Rolls are published before the elections - this is at the discretion of the State CEO.
  • To be eligible to vote - make sure you enrol atleast 2/3 months in advance so that your name can make it to the list.
  • Even if you are not issued an EPIC Card, but your name is added to the list, you may verify online and take a valid ID card - Adhaar, Pan card, etc to the polling booth to vote.
  • Tenants - if you are a resident in the current address for more than 6 months
  • Rental aggreement only the relavent pages containg names - self/owner and address with dates(not earlier than 6 months)
  • Family members of tenants - wife can use rental agreement + marriage certificate
  • Parents - passport + rental agreement

Spouse - who has no address proof:

  • Marriage certificate - to prove relation
  • Id Proof - Aadhaar
  • Put both together and take 1 clear picture
  • Parent case:Use your Passport where parents details are mentioned.
  • Grandparents case - where there is no relationship details - Only ARO/BLO can help
  • Approach the ARO of the ward and understand why the names have not been added.
  • Collate all the reference numbers - ward-wise,which can be escalated to the CEOs office/email id


  • Despite having an EPIC and having voted in the previous Lok Sabha election,if your name is deleted in the list-write a letter to the ARO, attaching a copy of your EPIC,else complain to 1950/

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