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Bengaluru has developed into one of the largest & most developed cities in the world. However, the development has been completely lop-sided where trees have been destroyed mercilessly, lakes have been encroached upon unscrupulously, rampant construction & traffic has increased pollution to unmanageable levels, the city is rapidly running out of water etc.

Worse still, the only thing that seems to be falling at a rate even more alarming than the water level of the city is the governance level. Roads are in bad condition, storm water drains are filled with filth & sewage water, garbage is dumped in landfills & lakes, Corporation & Govt schools do not have basic infrastructure including toilets, public health is still in pathetic condition!

The Corporators of the city and the Corporation, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), are still unresponsive to the needs of the city and its citizens!

Citizens of Bengaluru and various citizen groups have been fighting to bring good governance principles in the system with limited results. They have also been the ones providing the silver lining in the cloud, by working on initiatives like waste segregation, water conservation, lake restoration, slum rehabilitation etc.

It has now become clear that change can be brought about, only if citizens participate in the governance process. Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP) has been created to represent the citizens’ voice in governance!

What is BNP?

A Political Party of, by & for the citizens of Bengaluru

Focus of BNP

Good grassroots governance for Bengaluru & BBMP to be administered on the ground

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To make Bengaluru the model city in the world

Only Positivity

Work positively & proactively towards addressing the basic issues faced by citizens of Bengaluru.

Not for Power

Getting into power is only a means towards achieving the end of good governance, and not an end by itself.

No Polarization

Unite the citizens of Bengaluru to address the common issues and ensure that there is no polarization of citizens.

Good grassroots governance


Fight for BBMP to be vested with the powers & responsibility as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.


Push for BBMP elected representatives to be answerable & accountable to the citizens.


Work towards making the budget & accounts of BBMP transparent, both at city level and ward level.


Ensure participation of citizens at the ground level to help implement initiatives successfully.

Srikanth Narasimhan
  • Over 20 years of corporate experience after graduating from IIMB
  • Founder-Director of Veda, a leading investment bank in South India
  • Co-founded Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF)
  • As General Secretary of BAF, has helped build BAF into a strong group of ~500 apartment complexes representing ~3 lakh citizens
  • Has helped build apartment residents community as one of the most socially responsible communities in the areas of waste / water / energy / wastewater management and community engagement

Brings a wealth of experience in organization building & responsible living

N S Mukunda
  • Serial entrepreneur throughout his life, having never taken up a job
  • Entered civic life in 2000 and was part of Janaagraha community outreach till 2004
  • Co-founded Citizens’ Action Forum (CAF) and was Founding President
  • Taken up issues on inefficiency of property tax collection, Akrama-Sakrama & non-implementation of 74th Amendment to Constitution
  • Passionate about bringing transparency, accountability and citizen participation in governance!

Brings a wealth of experience in workings of BBMP & Property Tax

Prathap Bhimasena Rao
  • Best Cadet of Indian Air Force under National Cadet Corps awarded by then Prime Minister
  • Successful stint with Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot
  • Competitive sportsman and has won state level Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals in shootingManager & Coach for the Paralympic Shooting Team of India for the Paralympic Shooting World Cup held in Bangkok 2017
  • Has fixed thousands of potholes & roads through PotHole Raja, a social venture that he started

Brings a wealth of experience in managing roads & potholes

Srinivasa N A
  • Over 20 years of experience, including as an entrepreneur, after completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Has been part of the leadership team of Whitefield Rising
  • Has been part of the Ward Committee of Hagaduru Ward
  • Has been involved in a lot of tree planting & lake conservation in the Whitefield / Mahadevapura area
  • Passionate about bridging the gap between urban & rural segments of the population

Brings a wealth of experience in tree plantation & community engagement

Prabhakar Rajendran
  • Human Rights & Social Activist working for the rights and entitlements of Dalits for over 30 years
  • Has worked on land / water rights and against forced evictions of slums across Karnataka
  • Working with national networks on urban development & governance
  • Played lead role against corporate land grab in EWS Koramangala
  • Currently working in 10 slums across Bengaluru, in promoting education among children, specifically adolescent girls

Brings a wealth of experience in slum development & slum education

R. Balasubramanian
  • Over 40 years of corporate experience after graduating from IIMA
    • Over 21 years of experience in healthcare sector
    • Executive Director with Apollo Hospital
    • 11 years with Sankara Eye Care serving the needy
  • Ex-President of Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF)
  • Involved in social activities over the last 15 years

Brings a wealth of experience in administering healthcare programmes

Sridhar Ramanujam
  • Communication Consultant, author, columnist, teacher, trainer, cricket enthusiast and a passionate social activist
  • Graduated from IIMB and worked for over 25 years in advertising
  • Founded Brand Comm in 1998, a niche communication company in Bengaluru and now part of Madison World
  • Authored multiple books & won Life Time Achievement award for Communications from Public Relations Council of India
  • Manages Trusts for old age people & for education of girl children

Brings a wealth of experience in advertising & communications

Subbu Hegde
  • Retired from Bosch in 2013 as Vice President after a fulfilling corporate career
  • Started Kaushalya Vikas Kendra (KViK) in 2013, a not-for-profit company for Skill Development for underprivileged people of society
  • Has been actively involved in campaigns to save lakes and other environment related issues
  • Also President of Federation of Villa Community Associations of Bangalore (FOVCAB)

Brings a wealth of experience in skill development to bridge gap

Priya Chetty Rajagopal (Co-opted GC Member)
  • Search Consultant & now civic evangelist
  • On the Boards of TiE Bangalore, Akshara Foundation & Civilia
  • Visible champion of women leadership & gender diversity, and nominated Femina Woman of the Year 2017
  • Serves on the Academic Council of her alma mater, Mount Carmel
  • Co-founder of Citizens For Bengaluru which architected Steel Flyover Beda among other citizen campaigns
  • Committed to #HeritageBeku & Animal Welfare

Brings a wealth of experience in Bengaluru Heritage & Animal Welfare

Dr. Ananth Kodavasal
  • One of the leading experts in Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Completed his Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering in the US in 1978 and returned to India immediately to contribute here
  • His firm has successfully set up, renovated & managed hundreds of Sewage Treatment Plants across Bengaluru
  • Authored the STP Guide, published by KSPCB, which also consults him on various environment related matters

Brings a wealth of experience in waste-water treatment & management

Vijendra Babu
  • Comes from a humble background and started a manufacturing company, Micro Plastics, in 2005 with very little capital
  • Micro Plastics is today India’s largest manufacturer of toys for global companies, based in Bengaluru
  • Employs thousands of semi-skilled & unskilled people across factories
  • Corporate Social Responsibility has been a way of life at his company, much before it became a buzz word
  • Believes in inclusive growth and caring for all his employees

Brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship & employment

Dr. Hariharan Chandrasekaran
  • Founder of Biodiversity Conservation India Ltd (BCIL), more popularly known as ZED Habitats
  • Created many sustainably developed residential enclaves, which are a benchmark for water, waste, wastewater and energy management
  • Week Magazine chose him in December 2011 as “30 Indian Pearls”
  • Mentored entrepreneurs to take to green businesses since 2000
  • Currently spearheading a Water Energy Nexus program in Bengaluru with the Bengaluru Central University

Brings a wealth of experience in green buildings & sustainable development

Mom Banerjee
  • Performing Artiste in Creative & Classical Dance form
  • Quit corporate career after 15 years to focus on her passion of working with children
  • Started Samridhdhi Trust in August 2010 to work on bridge schools for out-of-school children
  • Has provided education to thousands of out-of-school children in the last 10 years

Brings a wealth of experience in bringing education to out-of-school children

Harini Raghavan
  • 20 years of intense engagement in consulting & search
  • Has spent a lot of time on Animal Birth Control & Animal Welfare
  • Set up an advocacy group called Citizens for Animal Birth Control which works with BBMP to bring in best in class practices and process around BBMP-run Animal Birth Control programme

Brings a wealth of experience in animal birth control & animal welfare

Details of Team will be added soon.